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The Prevalence of Refractive Errors Among First Grade of Primary School in Amara, South of Iraq (1569 Views)
The Effect of Lateral Wedge Insole on Mediolateral Static Balance in Patients with Mild to Moderate Knee Osteoarthritis (1419 Views)
A Comparison of Phonological Processing and Sentence Comprehension of Normal Hearing Children and Those with Cochlear Implant Experience (1355 Views)
The Effect of the Nonlinear Frequency Compression Methods on the Recognition of Monosyllabic Words in Persian Language (1200 Views)
A comparison of Speech Duration in Cochlear Implant and Normal Hearing Elementary School Students in the Imitation and Reading Tasks (1152 Views)
The Effects of Shoulder Kinesio Taping on Shooting Accuracy and Joint Position Sense in Female Archery Athletes (1100 Views)
Families ‘experiences to Find a Job for Relatives who Have Severe Mental Illness in Iran: A Qualitative Study (1070 Views)
Musculoskeletal Complication Following Arthroscopy Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction 6 Months Post-operatively (1051 Views)
Correlation Between Sleep Quality and Tear Film Tests (847 Views)
Use of Functional Balance Measurement Tools to Predict the Fear of Falling in Faller and Non-Faller Chronic Stroke Patients (787 Views)
Occupational Performance in Children Aged 6 to 13 Years with Cancer (753 Views)
The Association Between Motor Proficiency and Performing Recreational and Leisure Activities in School for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (683 Views)
Comparison of Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication Between Deaf Children with no Cochlear Implantation and Deaf Children 12-24 Months After Cochlear Implantation (614 Views)
The Results of ABR in a Child with Noonan Syndrome: Necessity of Renewing the Evaluation Protocols of Syndromes (607 Views)
The Effect of Ankle Angle and Foot-plate Length of Ankle-Foot Orthoses on Spatiotemporal Parameters and Knee Joint Angle in Post-Stroke Hemiplegic Gait (596 Views)
The Effects of Muscular Flexibility and Strength Imbalance on Lower Limb Injuries in Female Martial Arts Athletes (569 Views)
Cross-Cultural Adaptation and Determination of the Validity and Reliability of the Persian Version of the Patient-Rated Tennis Elbow Evaluation (PRTEE) Questionnaire in Iranian Tennis Players (529 Views)
The Effects of Auditory Training by Erber Method on Improvement of the Auditory Skills in 3-4 Year-Old Hearing-Impaired Children (526 Views)
Evaluation of Vision Behaviors in Children with Cortical Visual Impairment Due to Cerebral Palsy (CP) (525 Views)
Corneal Biomechanical Characteristics and Their Correlation in an Iranian Adult Myopic Population (513 Views)
The Effect of Kinesio Tape on Knee Pain and Quality of Life in Subjects with Knee Osteoarthritis – A Randomized Clinical Trial (513 Views)
Acuity Preserve in Glare Situation in Normal Eyes (499 Views)
Acoustic Parameters in Persian-Speaking Patients with Dysphonia (497 Views)
Impact of Using Tablet Computer and Smart Phone on Vision Performance In a Group of Visually Impaired Children (486 Views)
Mobility Barriers for People with Multiple Sclerosis: a Qualitative Study (474 Views)
Syntax Comprehension in 4-6 Year Old Foster Children (446 Views)
Rehabilitation in Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Look at Current Occupational Therapy Services in Iran (279 Views)
The Effect of Poetry and Rhythmic Movements Therapy on Reducing Childhood Anxiety of a Child with Myelomeningocele: A Case Report (200 Views)
Validity and Reliability of Persian Version of COMI-Neck Questionnaire in Iranian Patients with Chronic Neck Pain (155 Views)
Investigating the Effect of Participation-based Individualized Occupational Therapy on Functional Mobility of Children with Cerebral Palsy in School: A Single-blind Randomized Clinical Trial (99 Views)
Misdiagnosis of Patients with Cervicogenic Headache: A Case Series Study (91 Views)
Applying Person-Environment-Occupation in Cardiac Disease: A Case Report (75 Views)
The Effectiveness of Body Percussion Rhythmic Exercises on Motor Skills in Children with Mild Intellectual Disability Between 8-12 Years Old (46 Views)
Comparative Study of Lexical Semantic Ability in Hearing and Hearing Impaired Adults (42 Views)
Preparation and Validation of Persian Version of Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function (BRIEF-SR) in 11-18 Year Old Normal Adolescence (34 Views)
Comparing Speech Intelligibility in 3 to 5 Years Old Children with Cochlear Implants and Normal Children (32 Views)
The Evaluation of Stereopsis and Its Correlation with Refractive Errors in Iranian 7-Year-Old Schoolchildren (24 Views)
A Comparison of Mechanical Leg Impedance of Lower Limb Joint in Cerebral Palsy Crouch Gait Children with Healthy Match Group (22 Views)
Ethics in Occupational Therapy Research in Iran: A Scoping Review (22 Views)
Voice Handicap Index and Acoustic Parameters in Thyroidectomized Patients with and without Voice Problems (18 Views)
Correlation between Vocal Fatigue Index and Voice Handicap Index scores in persons with laryngeal pathologies (5 Views)
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